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Practice OSCER Questions: Mock OSCERs

One of the best ways to prepare for the fellowship exam in the final weeks is Mock exams!

Challenge yourself with a practice chest/vascular OSCER I have prepared. The cases are accessible through a purpose built Radiopaedia playlist and supported by a full rubric with scores. Remember that a full OSCER examination will be assessed across all seven domains, including observation, interpretation, management, pathology, anatomy, AIT/safety and intrinsic roles. Test yourself, or pair up with a study partner to examine each other. 

Playlist of cases

Marking rubric

Practice OSCER Questions: Intrinsic Roles

The banks of practice OSCER questions below are for study purposes only. They have been written in the style of the RANZCR Part 2 OSCER examination, drawing from the RANZCR Clinical Radiology Learning Outcomes which relate to the Intrinsic Roles. Questions have not been formulated in conjunction with RANZCR Examiners and are not official practice questions. Questions are not exhaustive. Suggested marks are based on the opinion of the author only. 

Intrinsic role questions may be rolled into the clinical scenario presented in the OSCER case, however are likely to draw from key concepts and knowledge points. These broad knowledge points are what this question bank aims to cover, drawn directly from the RANZCR Clinical Radiology Learning Outcomes. In addition to these broad questions, you may be presented with an Intrinsic Role question which requires you to apply knowledge from other domains (e.g. radiodiagnosis, pathology or safety) while demonstrating professional skills. 

As per the released practice questions, Intrinsic Roles may be asked rolled into the clinical scenario, e.g. asking you to demonstrate communication, collaboration, leadership or advocacy skills.  Some examples of this type of question could include:

  • You have diagnosed foetal death in utero on ultrasound. How would you approach discussing the result with the patient and her partner?

  • A patient has returned a concerning screening mammogram and requires further workup and biopsy. How would you explain the process to the patient?

If you would like to vie a short video introducing the Intrinsic Roles, please click here.

Hopefully these help in your preparation! I encourage you to write your own questions and challenge yourselves. Slot them into your practice cases, think about how they may fit into OSCER scenarios. Practice, practice, practice. 

Good luck!

P.S. If you are writing practice OSCER exams this calculator spreadsheet may help you keep track of your mark allocation between the different domains. Download the spreadsheet here.

Questions about establishing rapport, and communicating patients and colleagues.


Questions about quality improvement in radiology service delivery, healthcare resources, leadership skills, career building skills and practice management.


Questions about professional conduct when working with patients and building professional clinical radiology skills. 


Questions about cultural awareness and safety in the Australian and New Zealand radiology workplace. 


Questions about teamwork, contributing to multidisciplinary teams, conflict management and clinical handover.


Questions about advocating for our patients and the wider community.


Questions about the importance of lifelong learning, evidence-based practice and research skills. 

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