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  • Choose one facet of professional behaviour and describe its importance in clinical radiology practice. (2-4 marks) (For example: honesty, integrity, commitment, altruism, respect for diversity)

  • Define diversity and equity as they relate to the clinical radiology workforce. (2 marks)

  • List three important professional behaviours as they relate to technology-enabled communication. (3 marks)

  • Define informed consent and outline its importance in clinical radiology. (2-4 marks)

  • Define mandatory reporting and outline its importance in clinical radiology. (2-4 marks)

  • Discuss the role of occupational health and safety in radiology, describing a clinical example in detail. (2-4 marks)

  • Outline the importance of credentialling as it relates to clinical radiology practice. (2-4 marks)

  • Define a conflict of interest, giving one example. (2 marks)

  • Briefly outline how a clinical radiologist may act as a defendant or consultant in matters of litigation. (3-4 marks)

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